Grow Great with #BenchYoga

Grow Great with #BenchYoga

Bench Yoga! An easier, meditative Yoga that can accelerate progress to Lotus, and even improve standard asanas. Order the book today!

  • Easier Yoga – Don’t let age, weight, or injury hold you back!
  • Accelerated Yoga – Make your asanas stronger. Grow to Lotus.
  • Meditative Yoga – Need a break? Meditate!
    • Achieve the perfect meditation position.
    • Sit as though in a chair, or on the floor.
    • Get up and down easily. Change positions easily.
  • Raise Chi – Generate and experience internal energy flows.

Bench Yoga (Volume 1 of the Subtle Energy Yoga series) can be ordered in print and Kindle versions from Amazon. (Retailers can order from Ingram, ISBN: 978-0-9972400-4-7.)

For more information on the book, see the Bench Yoga project page.

To find out about Bench Yoga workshops, to get announcements for new books and articles, and for updates on the Yoga Bench and accessory products:

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