Raja Yoga Enhancements

Raja Yoga Enhancements

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A set of 20 Raja Yoga Enhancements turns an exceptional course into a truly enlightening one. That was my experience, at least. May it be yours as well.

There is no way to put into words just how much I gained from the series of Raja Yoga classes I took at the Ananda center in Palo Alto. To say it was spectacular is not an overstatement. If anything, it understates the case.

At the same time, I suspect I got rather more out of it than many of the participants. In part, that was because of my previous “energy work” with Ipsalu Tantra Yoga and, before that, with martial arts great grandmaster, Dr. Tae Yun Kim. But also, in part, it was because I knew enough to add to the techniques they taught.

In short, as much benefit as were that they were delivering, I derived even more. And in the end, the benefits turned out to be massive.

Here then, is a downloadable PDF with my list of suggested enhancements on the course content and on the Raja Yoga book.

The additions are very small, compared to the total content of the course. For every thing I’ve added, I got at least 5 times more. But the additions were so powerful that the end result was 10 times greater!

There are only 20 suggested enhancements, in all. But they make a big difference. And since it took 14 pages to describe them, they are not insignificant!

My suggestion is to print out the list of suggested Raja Yoga enhancements, and read it as part of the course materials. Then take what you can use, discard the rest, and by all means send me your own suggestions for improvement!

I’ve given a copy to the folks at Ananda for their review. I haven’t heard from them as yet. But when I do, I’ll incorporate their feedback and any suggestions for improvement they have for me!

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