Raja Yoga Insights #16

Raja Yoga Insights #16

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Session 16 of the Raja Yoga training at the Ananda center. Liberation! It was just supposed to be a wrap up session. I wasn’t expecting anything like I got.

Ananda’s Raja Yoga course covers more than I have described here. These are my personal highlights — the things that were, for me, either new, especially interesting, or especially illuminating. As they mention in the very first session, what they teach in this course is not unique to Ananda. Raja Yoga is an ancient science that belongs to the world. It is the “kingly” (raja) Yoga in that sense that it spans many different branches of Yoga practice—organizing them and devoting resources (your time and energy) to each in turn, for the good of the whole (you).

As incredibly illuminating and inspiring as the program has been, there are a few places where I feel it could be improved. Should you take the course (and I highly recommend that you do), you might want to print out the PDF of suggested enhancements for this already exceptional course of instruction. I hope they wind up producing as much benefit for you as they did for me!

Thu, 14 Dec, 2017: Session #16 – Liberation

Yoga Poses and Energy

A few small tidbits:

  • Cat/Cow pose is a really sneaky way to get people doing Jalandhara Bandha. You not only get the forward chin lock, as in Bridge Pose, you also get the action of lifting the head to the rear. Nice!
  • Heidi observed that forward bends make room for energy in the spine, but it is backward bends that activate the energy flow. We had just completed the Camel pose (upright on your knees, hands on your hips and butt, push hips forward and arch your back.) Coming out of it, I was feeling a lot of energy flowing!
  • On the other hand, I notice that forward bends generally do very little with the spine. Mostly, the stretch is in the hamstring, and even more in the hips. When I really work the hips, I feel a strong energy flow from that action, as well — but it doesn’t happen so much in something like the standing forward bend we did before the Camel.

I Qualify!

This was wonderful, and unexpected. I’m not sure if anyone realizes it yet (the probably do!) but I qualify for Kriya Yoga initiation!

The reason I can say that is a story told about Lahiri Mahasaya. If I got the details right, he originally said to teach it only to those who will devote their lives to it. But what about all of the other people, he was asked — people who are deserving, who need it.

“Very well,” he replied, “Give it to people who are well-intentioned.”

(That was a really nice way to phrase it, too. It’s not like you have to be “deserving,” according to some unidentifiable standard — especially important since many people may not feel deserving, even though they would benefit and do good things. But if they are “well-intentioned”… Well, that just makes a lot of sense.)

So the good news is, whether or not anyone realizes it, I qualify for Kriya Yoga initiation! Because I am nothing if not well-intentioned. (Despite how spectacularly short of the mark I may fall!)


It was just a wrap up session. Shanti was giving a great talk about the insights she had while reading the last chapter, The Yogic Scheme of Life. She gave us an 18-point overview of all the fantastic stuff it was saying, and encouraged us to read it again. Then it happened…

We were talking about unity and stuff — about how we are all one energy, because God is manifested as all. But of course, we sure do seem different. And somehow, the question got around to the tough one someone always asks, “Does that mean we’re supposed to love Hitler.”

That was a tough one for anyone of Jewish descent. For me, it has always been the inquisition. And for most every woman I’ve known, it has been about witch hunts and stuff. All really hard stuff to forgive. How does anyone come to love someone who has done such things.

And that’s when it hit me. It was the culmination of everything we had done the past 16 weeks. I thought the Maha Bandha insights were the peak. But no, that was an energetic peak. Tonight, it was a soul peak.

You see, I had sent Hitler healing energy just the other day!

Let me explain…

  • Earlier, when I came to understand that the medulla was really inside the body, right at the base of the brain, it became clear to me that if energy is arriving from anywhere, it had to be coming from sort of Fifth Dimension.
  • And clearly, energy is arriving from somewhere. That’s why the base of the skull is called the “Mouth of God” — because it’s said that God breathes energy in at that point. (I, for one, find it plausible, because discovering that energy center in my Ipsalu Tantra practice was the start of a whole new level of spiritual connection.)
  • Last week, when we focused on healing, it had come to me that the only possible explanation for “healing at a distance” was the existence of that Fifth Dimension — which would also explain all manner of psychic phenomenon like seeing things at a distance, and seeing the future.
  • As part of the healing practice, I found that sending energy from the 3rd eye was an important part of the process — and that sending to the medulla of the recipient helps to “complete the circuit”.
  • Without both the intent to send from the right point, and the intent for it to arrive at the right point, I don’t feel a lot a happening. But with the right intent on both accounts, I’m basically “marshalling” the energy of the Cosmos — asking it to join with me in delivering a healing flow of energy to the recipient.
  • Now then, if there is a fifth dimension, then it operates beyond the bounds of space and time — the four dimensions we’re familiar with.
  • So, here’s the thing, if we can heal at a distance through that dimension, then we can also (maybe) heal over time.
  • So as the talk was going on, I began sending healing energy to those poor sods who so desperately needed it, way back when. Golly. They better hope there’s no such thing as Karma!
  • But it is interesting to think that maybe, just maybe, if we can heal our past, we can change our future! For example, I’ve long railed at the poor souls who burned the Library of Alexandria and the Mayan libraries. (After all, if it duplicated the Bible it was redundant, and if it differed it was heresy!)
  • So maybe one of them, touched by our healing energy, put something aside and hid it — something we could come along and find, any day now! (In my lifetime, I’ve been astonished by how much of the history we were taught was so far off the mark. And we make new discoveries every day. So it is at least possible.
  • All of that aside, it is at least interesting to contemplate the possibility of sending healing energy into the past. After all, if anyone in the world ever needed, those poor sods certainly did.
  • So at this point, we have gone from Recognition of Evil to Sending Healing Energy. That’s not much of a stretch. Heck, you’d certainly like to heal those folks, if you could!
  • And that’s when the goodness began. Because to surprise, I found that healing energy was followed by love! They’re part and parcel of the same energy flow. So from Sending Healing Energy it is a very short step to Sending Love. (Mostly, it’s just a matter of changing the label on the stream!)
  • Now the really interesting part was what followed that. Because after I realized I was sending love, I realized in a heartbeat that I was really and truly free. I was no longer attached to that situation at all. I was, in a word, liberated!

Now, whether or not those guys got anything out of it, I can’t say. But I sure as hell did! And it was a lot more than I was expecting on I thought would be a quiet, wrap-up night.

Then Shanti put the cherry on top of the Sundae when she said (referring to the 5th dimension and energy flows and such), “Yes. That is exactly the way it is.”


To summarize:

  1. For energy to arrive at a chakra from an external source, we have to assume the existence of some sort of Fifth Dimension.
  2. That dimension would explain psychic phenomena and all manner of otherwise inexplicable events.
  3. To “love your enemy” is a step too far for most of us. But clearly, they are need in enlightenment. So it only makes sense to send them healing energy. We can only benefit!
  4. But as day follows night, the energy of love follows the energy of healing. So we wind up our loving our enemy — not because we really wanted to. It just happens.
  5. The moment we realize that fact, we are liberated from the “death spiral” we are otherwise engaged in, where each party makes an act that triggers the worst in the other.
  6. Most of all, we are psychologically and spiritually lifted up and out of the engagement. We are no longer attached to it. We are free!
  7. So the sequence is:
    Recognition of Evil -> Sending Healing Energy -> Sending Love -> Liberation!

Continuing Insights

Healing Hitler’s Parents

Friday morning, it occurred to me that if Hitler needed healing energy, then surely his parents needed it, too. Because unless he came into this world with evil intentions as a baby, then surely his upbringing had something to with how he turned out.

And if his parents needed healing energy, then so did their parents, and theirs, and …

The World Needs the Orbital Lift!

As we go back in history looking for where healing energy could have prevented the horrible events that eventually transpired, it’s possible that we could have forestalled the interactions and situations that resulted in the corruption of the human spirit.

One can imagine small corruptions, at first, gradually growing from generation to generation, until there were enough people willing to do an evil person’s bidding that pure evil could result.

As I write, I am mentally translating “evil” into “someone in desperate need of massive amounts of healing energy”. And I’m sending it, as I write!

But here’s the thing: As I wrote after the 4th Raja Yoga sequence, the Orbital Lift Comes to the Rescue when you’re frustrated or angry. And as I’ve written in this one, eventually it leads to real liberation.

It’s also an antidote for the ego-centrism that can result from praise and adulation. In short, whatever situation you find yourself in, and lifts you out of it and brings you closer to the Divine essence of All.

But it all starts with the Orbital Lift — something that is so easy to do, it can be throughout the day, in every situation, all day long.

But hardly anyone knows about it! By rights, the technique would be taught in every Sunday school, Synagogue, and Mosque. It would taught as part of every high school curriculum, and in every trade school in the country.

I mean, it takes like, minutes to learn. Yet it is extremely powerful. Had it been taught throughout history, who knows where we would be today?

So why wasn’t? Well, turns it was — sort of. The Raja Yoga tradition has been teaching it for at least a couple of millennia. Maybe even 10 of them (1o thousand years). But the language they’ve been using has been so misleading that the world has been effectively deprived of the technique.

What Yoga tradition has taught as “focus at the point between the eyebrows” is so far off the mark as to be effectively useless. It’s a great reminder for someone who already knows what they should do, but it is entirely misleading for anyone who hasn’t been taught, or who has forgotten what they learned.

My hope is that with a new name (the Orbital Lift), and clear instruction, it can begin to radiate through society and make a difference in the world!

Healing Broadcasts

Driving home Friday night, I found myself repeatedly broadcasting healing energy. It started with some of those folks who “can’t drive”. You know, the ones that frustrate you. I was giving them healing energy as I became aware of them, and after they were gone (which lifted me up, for sure, and hopefully helped them).

Then I saw a police car with lights flashing in a parking lot. I radiated healing energy the officer’s way, and broadcast to whoever was involved in the situation he was addressing.

Noticing how wonderful I felt, I realized that by generating healing energy and sending it to the recipients’ medulla, I felt like I was doing something in such situations, rather than merely passing by and feeling guilty, or concerned, or whatever. So it’s clearly something that can be done when encountering yet another panhandler (who have at times been observed riding away in expensive cars — but you never really know).

In sense, the process was one of “bestowing blessings”. Of giving, in a way that felt real to me, at least. And that, in turn, created a powerful sense of detachment. Driving on, I was content and serene, not attached to the situation in any way.

Complete Healing Circuits

If healing energy is flowing from my third eye to someone’s medulla, and at the same time they are flowing it from their third eye back to my medulla, how could that be described as something other than a total connection, or love?

And if there are multiple chakras capable of giving and receiving energy through the fifth dimension (not the least of which are the heart and kunda!), then I suspect that becomes total union between two people, which also unites them with God.

That’s the ultimate goal of Tantric union, after all. Perhaps the generation of “healing energy” is the way to get there.


Well, the “enlightenment high” is wearing off, but I remain elevated far above where I was when I started. My practice has been re-invigorated with a variety of techniques that are making a real difference. I find myself experiencing positive energy flows several times a day, and am now engaging in my practice a couple of times a day!

Yesterday, in fact, I couldn’t wait to get home for an “energy boost”. I’ve that waiting 24 hours between sessions allows too much of the good stuff to wear off. But most of the “erosion” occurs after 18 hours or so. So getting a booster shot every 12 hours makes a huge difference!

Anyway, that’s where I am, at the moment. Super positive, and looking up.

Life is good.

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