Book Project: Return to Eden (future)

Project Description

Humanity’s purpose on this planet could be, and should be, to recreate as closely as possible the “garden of Eden” of myth and legend–and possibly of past and/or future history. The goal of this project is to pull together new and existing articles that, together, help to define a path towards that possible reality.


Each of us undoubtedly has a Utopian vision of some kind. It may be personal — a vision of the life we would like to lead. Or it may be social — a vision of how we could live together in peace and harmony.

In reality, both these visions interact. The kind of life we lead is directly impacted by the society we live in. The way we choose to live also impacts society, but society tends to limit our choices in ways that are much more concrete than any impact we can have on society.

The one exception is education. When the vision of the life we want to lead includes teaching (and learning!) then the impact we can have on society becomes very large. As teachers, we can make a significant contribution to the world. As students, we can make that contribution effective by choosing to use it in our own lives.

My personal goal is to teach people how to lead happier, healthier lives. I’ve been trying to learn how to do that myself for most of life! This collection of essays is an effort to share with others some of things I have learned, discovered, or have been inspired to conceive.

Motivation – Developing the Capacity to Care

Designing a Society

Environmental Engineering

Community Engineering

Health and Medicine

Health Activism

Achieving an Eden-oriented lifestyle is going to take a ton of activism. To start, we need to tame corporate greed for the sake of our health.

Corporate Activism

Political Activism


  • Man-Made Rules vs. Natural Law (Morals & Ethics)
  • Restoring a Healthy Attitude towards Sexuality


  • Rights vs. Freedoms
  • Giving Everyone a Fair Shot

Designing a Life

Spiritual Health

  • Healing the Wounds of the Soul
  • Towards a Science of Personal Transformation
  • Achieving Balance: Work, Play, Exercise, Arts, Home, and Family
  • Martial Arts and Sports
  • Music, Meditation, and the Great Outdoors
  • Work: Connecting with to Your Higher Purpose
  • Loving What You Do: The Call to Excell
  • Loving Another: The Call to Exalt
  • Loving What You Have: Being Content
  • Loving Yourself: The Foundation for it All

Diet and Health

Exercise and Health

Aesthetics and Health

I imagine a community where I spend part of the day writing, part of the day in the garden, and where evenings are spent in a community gathering, with music, singing, and dancing (and maybe a little drinking).

Making a Living


  • To Dr. Champlin, my professor of political theory at Ohio State University, who encouraged the
    audicious plan of an undergraduate to write a series of books on the Nature of Utopia, the Nature of
    Political Power, and a Plan of Attack for getting to Utopia from where we are now.
  • To David Smith, my mentor at a small company in Columbus, Ohio, named Dyserv, who taught me to think through implications with unwavering diligence.
  • To Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, who led me to connect with my life’s purpose and become the writer I was born to me.
  • To my other mentors, past and present — Joe Gerard, Don Gilchrist, Tom Dinger, John Horan, and Debra Scott, who taught me most simply by being themselves.

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26 Mar 2017