Comprehensive Keys to the Green

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A revolutionary new approach to reading greens, anticipating breaks, and evaluating putts, plus tips for choosing your putting strategy.

If you want to putt well, you MUST
read Comprehensive Keys to the Green !

The ability to predict break and putt the correct distance both depend on getting the right feedback from your own putts and from putts you observe. This book shows you exactly how to get it.

Unlock the mystery of the greens! Feel for green speed is one of the great mysteries of the game. Some people seem to have it, but can’t explain why. And unlike slope, you can’t see green speed, so you must have that feel — the amount of break depends on it.

This manual explains how to get that feel, by evaluating putts. Use whatever system you like to choose your line. But after that, use this manual to see if it was your choice or your execution that was off. Use it to save multiple strokes per round, in what should be (and is!) the easiest part of the game.

At the end of this page, there are links to articles that “bottom line” the system for you. Try them out! Then read the manual to fully understand what’s going on, and why those principles work.

With this manual you will learn:

  • How to evaluate every putt you make:
    • Was the putt too strong? Or was the line too high?
    • Was it too soft? Too low?
  • Most people do not know how to do that — but you will!
    • You will know if your read was off, or your speed was off (or both).
    • And you will know precisely how far off you were, on either dimension.
  • Without that feedback, you’re forever guessing whether to adjust your stroke, or adjust your aim.
  • With it, you know what corrections you need to make.
  • As a result, your putting automatically improves — effortlessly, and dramatically.

Discover the science of vector analysis. The clear and easy-to-follow explanations show you how to get precise answers to those questions, and more. This unique perspective makes Comprehensive Keys to the Green the only book of its kind.

And don’t worry. You won’t need a slide rule on the course! The keys to evaluating putts are actually fairly simple. Vectors explain why they work, so you develop a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening.

Plus, you will learn:

  • How to read a green.
  • How the ball breaks as it encounters different slopes.
  • Why you should generally prefer the “die at the hole” philosophy, and when to use the “power putt” approach.
  • How to get maximum information from other putts — without having to stand behind them.
  • Where you should stand, to get the best read. (It’s not directly behind the ball.)
  • Why the last inch of travel is the most important part of the putt to watch.

Praise from reviewers:

  • Reads very well….clearly presented and methodical.
    — Mark Plimely
  • “Most of us can putt the ball in the direction we want it to go, and we can hit it as hard as we want to. What we find difficult is knowing which direction is right, and what strength is right….That’s what Eric explains in this highly-readable guide to figuring out how to read a putt!
     — Keith Shepperson
  • Has the potential to be one of the most thought-provoking and fabulous learning aids in the golf industry. Great diagrams, too.
    — Mike Pavese, author and golf instructor
  • “Yesterday, I played for the first time since I read this book. I was much more aware of my putts, and those of others….I putted better than usual, and had two putts that died right on the edge of  the hole. ”
    — Jim Holmlund

Don’t delay! Get the feedback you need
to do your best putting ever!

To learn more, read these summary articles in the Putting series on this site:


  • The Kindle version has color diagrams and live links to all of the resources referenced in the text. If you have a Kindle viewer, it’s recommended.
  • If you buy the print version, you can get the Kindle version as well for a small additional cost.
  • To support Eric’s work, visit his Patreon page.

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24 Feb 2017
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