Reverse Gum Disease – Painlessly

Project Description

After running the website for than a decade, it was painful to admit that I was losing my lifelong battle with my teeth and gums. Gingivitis had surfaced once again. But this time a cure surfaced, as well–one that is as simple and pleasant as it is effective. It only needs to be done once a day, but it is easy enough to do a couple of times, and it is even more effective if you do. But it will still make a difference, even if you do it only every other day or so.

Dental checkups confirmed that I had reversed it, without undergoing any painful dental procedures. The solution was a simple as coconut oil and salt, plus a few dental implements and a modicum of technique. This small volume details the insights that led to the inspiration, shows you why it works, and explains exactly how to do it.


Project Details

25 Feb 2017
Books, Health