Reverse Gum Disease – Painlessly

Project Description

After running the website for than a decade, it was painful to admit that I was losing my lifelong battle with my teeth and gums. Gingivitis had surfaced once again. But this time a cure surfaced, as well–one that is as simple and pleasant as it is effective. It only needs to be done once a day, but it is easy enough to do a couple of times, and it is even more effective if you do. But it will still make a difference, even if you do it only every other day or so.

Dental checkups confirmed that I had reversed it, without undergoing any painful dental procedures. The solution was a simple as coconut oil and salt, plus a few dental implements and a modicum of technique. This small volume details the insights that led to the inspiration, shows you why it works, and explains exactly how to do it.


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25 Feb 2017
Books, Health