Declaration of Support for a Voting Advice System that lets voters inform each other and get advice from analysts and organizations they trust

You want elections that are free from the need for massive campaign contributions. You support a political system in which huge contributions are all but totally irrelevant. You want a system that makes it easy for voters to inform each other — one that lets you get relevant voting advice from analysts and organizations you trust. You recognize that such a system will end the reign of lobbyists, giving us the politicians we need and deserve! This Declaration of Support can help to make it a reality. Add your name today!

About the Declaration of Support

Did you like your choices in the last election? Would you like better choices? For the small races, did you even know for sure how you wanted to vote? To get change that works for all of us, we need a better information system. We need a way to use social media to inform each other.

Together, we can make that system a reality. Your support will help to make it happen. Stand up and be counted! Add your name to this Declaration of Support to announce that a) you endorse the concept and b) you intend to use such a system (or one like it), when available.  Believe it or not, your vocal support will help to build the system!

With a thousand names (or two), it will be possible to recruit sponsors. As the number grows, it will be possible to recruit celebrity spokespeople who will greatly expand our outreach. As the declaration goes viral, it will indicate that there is widespread understanding of the need, for such a system, and a ready audience it — all of which will make it possible to take the next steps.


  • Your email address will not be published, will not be given to others, and you will not be spammed.
  • You will, however, have the option to be kept informed of progress.
  • Be sure to pass on this declaration to others you know. The more names we collect, the faster the system will be built!
  • Use this form to add your name.

The Declaration

I support the concept of a Voting Advice System that lets voters use social media to inform each other, and to be informed by organizations they trust — in a way that is effective, efficient, and convenient.

I believe that such a system will spread rapidly and that, as a result, it will immediately reduce the influence of lobbyists, and eventually make Big Money irrelevant to elections. Make campaign contributions superfluous, and rescue our government from lobbyists! #VotingAdvice Click To Tweet

It also believe that, for that very reason, it will allow men and women of good heart to be elected, and let us elect those with good ideas rather than those with deep pockets. 

I believe these things because I would use such a system to get advice I can trust. I would use it, secure in the knowledge that I would hear only from sources I have subscribed to, and that I would hear only those recommendations that are relevant to races and ballot measures I am interested in.

With such a system, I would get the advice I need to vote intelligently on every candidate and ballot measure, large and small. In addition, I would vote with confidence, knowing that I was casting an intelligent and informed vote in every case, rather than in only one or two. 

When I have particularly useful advice to share, I plan to use the system to give that advice to others — knowing that only those who are subscribed to my advice feed will get it, and only if they are interested in my thoughts on that candidate or issue. If we WANT democracy in America, we MUST have a #VotingAdvice system. Click To Tweet

And because I know that recipients of my advice could easily (even automatically) re-tweet it, I know that any advice I give would flow through a network of connections, and eventually reach every connected citizen who shares my values.

In addition to those personal reasons, I am adding my name to this Declaration of Support for the concept of a voting advice system because of the salutary effect it will have on our health, our government, and our society.

The first time a candidate gets elected without spending any money on advertising, a sea change will be underway. As it happens more, businesses will stop investing money and start giving advice, instead. Advice that will be received only by people who trust them. Eventually, I believe that the system will end the reign of lobbyists, producing a government that respects and responds to the needs of the people, for the greater good of all. And as a result, I believe that it will level the playing field for socially responsible corporations.

Finally, I believe the system will ultimately produce a much-needed separation of corporation and state — ensuring that government acts on behalf of corporate profitability only to the extent that those actions also benefit our fellow Americans.  

Add your name here! (thank you) I support a #VotingAdvice system, using social media to inform each other. Join the movement! Click To Tweet

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