Money is the Root of all Evil

In politics, it is indeed true that money is the root of all evil. The folks in Wisconsin’s Clean Money campaign have done an exceptional job of pointing that out.

Originally published 2005

The Wisconsin Clean Money Coalition may get this year’s prize for succinct and precise. The said it all on their main page:

No matter what your core social or economic issue, you can almost always trace its roots to money in politics:

  • High personal, sales and property taxes,
  • Unwanted stadium taxes,
  • Unaffordable health care costs,
  • Poor health care coverage,
  • Exorbitant prescription drug costs,
  • Environmental pollution,
  • Frivolous lawsuits,
  • Unnecessary road construction,
  • And other bad laws that transfer public assets to private interests.

Politicians need cash to get re-elected. Special interests need politicians to get laws passed. It’s a perfect match, but one costly to taxpayers and non-participating businesses and organizations.

The current system is broken, and it needn’t be. We hope to influence its future direction.

WCEC is comprised of organizations and individuals concerned about the impact that our current moneyed political system has on the state’s citizens and taxpayers. Our goal is to promote elections that are both clean and fair to all parties and candidates

That says it all, and it does so very cleanly and effectively. The stakes though, are even higher than they realize. In the next 50 years, the world is facing increasing economic and environmental devastation that will reduce much of humanity to a state of corporate serfdom. Of course, there will be giant edifices we can all be proud of, and a select few at the top who are living very, very well. But woe to those who are not members of the economic elite.

The future that awaits humanity is being formulated here, in America, where the political system has given megalithic corporations virtually free reign to enact the laws that are creating an environment that is suitable for them — the corporations. Will it be livable for humans? To a degree, yes. Will it be the Eden on Earth we aspire to in our dreams? Not on your life.

Learn more: Taking the Money Out of Politics.

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