Open Letter to Brand New Congress, Ocasio-Cortez, and Tom Steyer

Praise for their efforts, and a call to action, to support #SocialMediaVotingAdvice, which can help them achieve their goals.

Brand New Congress has a great mission, great description, and a great site displaying it all. They have a 21st Century Bill of Rights that makes sense, and they have supported Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, among other great candidates. Their goal is to make Congress represent America.

Tom Steyer is a self-made billionaire who, like Warren Buffet, understands the need of government to place limits on corporations. Freedom of opportunity depends on it.

As I just tweeted,

@BrandNewCongre wrote: “We must … elect regular Americans to Congress who are not beholden to political parties and corporations.” Brilliant! And right. If they and @TomSteyer will champion #SocialMediaVotingAdvice, it can happen in < 2 years.

Social Media Voting Advice is a concept, at this stage. Basically, we use a Twitter-like system to send and receive voting advice–but we add an extra filter so you only see advice you care about. (Generally, those are things you’ll be voting on.)

That system creates “one stop shopping” for independents, who can get all of the advice they need, for every ballot measure and candidate, all from people and organizations they trust. And it allows an organization like Greenpeace to recommend a City Council candidate in Kansas without spamming the vast majority of it’s 5 million followers.

That kind of system is a perfect complement to the activities that Brand New Congress is engaged in. And a system of that kind is critical.

Remember: FDR was voted in after the Great Depression, and he stayed on for a third term for fixing it (at the expense of corporations). But corporations play a long-term game. Not maliciously, mind you. But they are ever at work, attempting to gain control. They succeed, a little at a time until now, 70 years later, everything FDR did has been eroded.

Social Media Voting Advice represents an immediate and a long-term solution. It can be built in one year, and go viral in the second.
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