IBIS as a Design Methodology

This article is based on a Jan 2006 post to Blue Oxen Collaboratories mailing list. For some excellent follow-up discussion, visit that link. As I wrote then, “The ontology guys are going to love this one.” (Because this article presents an ontology for design discussions carried on using a structuring language based on Horst Rittel’s IBIS methodology, or “Information-Based Information System” (via Jeff Conklin).

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Distributed Persistent Collaboration

A Start-Up Scenario and Strategy for Acquiring Resources

Organizations that host standards development efforts need good tools for remote, persistent collaboration. Organizations that focus on software standards, in particular, have the expertise to cooperatively develop such tools. Such an enterprise may well be the ideal starting point for a system that can “bootstrap” itself into one we can use to help solve the major, complex problems that confront mankind.

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