Book Review: The Shangri-La Diet

I’m giving this one a qualified recommendation. About a third of it is really good. That part contains the recommendations to supplement your diet with sugar water and olive oil, explaining how and when. Unfortunately, the remaining two-thirds attempts to explain how and why the plan works. That part is mostly pseudo-scientific nonsense. The space would have been better used telling readers what to avoid in the American supply — something that is much easier to do when you follow the author’s recommendations. As diet books go, this one will do less harm than most. And the book is well-written, so even the nonsense is an entertaining read.

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A Tale of 6 Diets

Six popular diet and/or exercise weight-loss programs are compared. Short bursts of morning exercise turn out to be the simplest and easiest to follow. That kind of program gets results without expert guidance, so it comes out a clear winner.

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Dr. Oz Fat Burning Tips

The latest technology makes it realistically possible to “spot reduce”, a variety of teas help to burn fat, and a common amino acid helps, as well. As reported by Dr. Oz — plus a few additional tips.

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