“Taking the money out of politics” means making campaign contributions irrelevant to elections. This series explains why we must do so. It summarizes 5 months of research. Originally intended for a book, that research led to a General Systems Theory model of the ways in which our political and economic systems interact, and how the fallout has been particularly detrimental to American health — and America’s weight. 

The problems America faces turn out to result from, not of an intentional conspiracy, but rather that from an unintentional conspiracy, in which many actors are motivated to exacerbate the problems, while no one has both the motivation and the means to solve them. Solving that problem requires taking the money out of politics!

The Social Systems Analysis page gives a high-level overview of the complex interactions that make up our political, social, and financial systems. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg!

In Where Marx Went Wrong, I show how Marx correctly identified capitalism’s major problem, but missed the solution. In summary, that problem is that while a corporation’s individual actions produce benefits, those same actions in the aggregate cause massive, systemic problems for society at large, and ultimately decimate the very market the corporations are trying to sell into.

The solution, of course, is put appropriate restraints on corporations, to forestall adverse aggregate effects. In general, such restraints can only be effectively imposed by government. But the massive amounts of corporate money that have been spent in the best interests of each corporation (as it generally should be spent) has led to a situation where that money has been used to control government — and with the election of Donald Trump, to consciously dismantle it, so as to render it entirely incapable of exerting restraint.

The fundamental problem, then, is how to make money irrelevant to elections. Because that is the only put the reins back in the hands of society, so the powerful forces of economic capitalism are harnessed for the public good.

The fundamental problem is how to make money irrelevant to elections.

Contents of the Series

  • Overview
    The money that determines the outcome of elections is responsible for virtually every major problem that America faces today.
  • Introduction
    Most of the major domestic problems faced by America today either fundamentally stem from, or are held in place by, the impact of money in the political process.
  • We MUST Get the Money Out of Politics
    By “get the money out of politics”, I mean “make money irrelevant to elections”.
  • We CAN Get the Money Out of Politics
    The fundamental rule of gamesmanship is that if you can’t win the game you’re playing, change the game!
  • Prospects for Change
    A Voting Advice System would have a resounding effect on democracy. Is it really possible? Can we build it? And if we do, will people use it? The answer is, “Yes!”
  • References, and a Call to Action
    Voting Advice System has the capacity to make money irrelevant to elections, and break the stranglehold that corporate money has on the political process. We need to act. Now!

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