Campaign Contributions are COSTING You

Campaign Contributions are COSTING You

Yeah, you. Massive campaign contributions are costing you. They’re costing you your health, and hitting you in the wallet. Here’s what you can do about it.

You may think that massive campaign contributions are benign. But they’re not. They’re costing you. They’re costing you your health, and they’re hitting you straight in the wallet. What’s more, they’re costing you your friends and family — because when they sick, and when they go broke, you lose, too.

I’m working on a book to tie everything together, but the bits and pieces are mostly right here, on this website:

  • See the Social Systems Analysis pages for the ways in which those contributions affect your health and your economic well-being, in ways that do not occur in other countries.
  • Your health is affected by obesity and diabetes, resulting from ingredients that are illegal in many other parts of the world.
  • It’s affected by environmental toxins and agricultural practices that are illegal elsewhere.
  • As for your job and your paycheck, forget about it. It’s not keeping up with rising costs, and you know it.
  • Meanwhile, most all of the “economic growth” the politicians so proudly proclaim is going into the hands of the massively wealthy — often through the hands of the hospitals and drug companies you pay when you get sick.

Do you think that is a system worth changing? I do. But there is something you can do about it:

  • See the Voting Advice System pages for a mechanism that will, in time, make those contributions virtually irrelevant to the election process. (It’s not advice from me. It’s a system that lets people inform each other.)
  • Declare your Support for the system, to help get it built, and to help it get into widespread as rapidly as possible.

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