A Letter to Senator Diane Feinstein

A Letter to Senator Diane Feinstein

I wrote this in response to a note detailing her many efforts to oppose Donald Trump’s outrageous activities as President of the United States.

My reply…

THANK YOU, Senator. I appreciate your efforts.

I am convinced that these problems were entirely preventable.

  • If we had a voting advice system based in social media, money would not rule elections.
  • If money did not rule elections, the Democratic party would not have allowed large contributions.
  • If the party did not allow large contributions, Hillary wouldn’t have had secret meetings with the Wall Street cabal.
  • If she didn’t have those secret meetings, Democrats in key states wouldn’t have stayed home — because, after all, what was the point of electing her, given that Main Street had been so royally screwed by Wall Street that it still hasn’t recovered.
  • At the very least, if the Democratic party had not been taking so much big money, it would have acted more in the interests of middle America, on key financial votes.
  • Middle America would not then have been so outraged that they cast a protest vote for anyone, other than the party of the incumbents.

In others, if we had had a voting advice system a decade ago, money would be irrelevant to elections, and Trump would never have become President many years later. (My pages on the Voting Advice System detail the solution.)

Now then, I’ve understood how to fix things since 2005, but have been unable to work on the problem until recently. Should you encounter technologists and politicos who are
interested in collaborating on a solution, please send them my way.

Additional Note:
I totally disagree with Vice President Pence and everything he stands for. But I don’t regard him as a dangerous lunatic, a pathological liar, and a petty would-be-tyrant who represents a serious danger to our political system. (And, now that they are dismantling the EPA, a very real threat to our eco system!) In a very real way, he is truly “the lesser of two evils”. I therefore support impeachment of our sitting President, for any reason whatever.

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