A Write-In Candidate Can Win!

A Write-In Candidate Can Win!

A Voting Advice System makes it possible for a write-in candidate to win! When it happens, it will mean that ideas have triumphed over advertising.

These days, a “write in” vote for a candidate is pretty much a throw-away a vote. It’s a protest vote, or a token vote for a candidate you really love. But it need not be that way!

The Voting Advice System will demonstrate its true value the day a write-in candidate wins — even if it is a small election!

And such a thing can happen. If enough people write in the same name, that person gets elected. And if enough people are getting the same advice, they can determine the outcome of an election.

That kind of result can come about because a Voting Advice System enables “multi-party politics” in cyberspace. Only it is not just political parties who can collaborate in such a manner!

Think of the Hillary / Trump fiasco. In 2016, there were NO good choices for President. Hillary was clearly in the pocket of Wall Street. Trump was a liar, braggart, and misogynist — and that turned out to be the best that could be said of him. Future generations may well regard him as the man who destroyed American Democracy, for good or ill.

Had a Voting Advice System been in place, and had major news outlets and respected analysts come to an agreement that some other candidate was better (maybe Bernie, or maybe someone else), then — if enough people were listening to their advice — an entirely different candidate could conceivably have been elected.

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