A Write-In Could Win!

A Write-In Could Win!

With a #SocialMediaVotingAdvice system, a write-in candidate could actually win!

These days, with the two standard political parties have so much “grass roots organization” (paid organizers with a ton of advertising to recruit volunteers), that the idea of mounting a successful third-party campaign is pretty laughable.

The idea of mounting a successful write-in campaign, similarly, is tantamount to absurd.

But with Social Media Voting Advice, successful campaigns of that kind enter the realm or reality. In the same way a meme can go viral, a candidate “whose time has come” can go viral, as well.

As influencer networks begin to develop, local elections will be the first kind of election to see that kind of result.

With an influencer network, a major influencer like Greenpeace or the N.Y. Times will find contributors they trust. Those contributors will suggest local candidates. The major influencers will then pass on those recommendations (without spamming anyone, mind you), and in the process reach a wide cross-section of voters who are eligible to vote for that candidate.

The day that happens, it will be a sign that the #SocialMediaAdviceSystem has arrived, and that the money-and-advertising-dominated political process is on its way out. Believe me: On that the day, the major political parties will stand up and take notice!

Were a system of that kind in place, Bernie Sanders might well have won in 2016, despite having the Democratic National Committee (DNC) game the system to give the nomination to a good corporate Democrat like Hillary Clinton, instead of a scary social Democrat like Bernie.

If you like the idea of empowering write-ins and 3rd Party candidates, be sure to sign the Declaration of Support for the system. Your voice will help bring it into reality.

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