Rapid Formation of an Advice Network

Rapid Formation of an Advice Network

The fact of the matter is that, these days, many a website is created using WordPress. Given a plugin for making recommendations that works in WordPress, that can also be used to aggregate recommendations from trusted advice streams described in Receiving and Filtering Advice, a given website would instantly become an additional node in a self-organizing advice network. It is likely that similar capabilities are available in social media centers like Facebook, and other similar systems. In other words, once the system begins to be used, adoption will be rapid, and viral.

Of course, the system has to be kickstarted. All it takes is a few key cities, where hashtags are created for national, state, and local ballot choices. The state-level choices can then be accessed by anyone in the state, and national choices by anyone in the country.

The demand for local-election choices will quickly grow in other regions of the country. At that point, it will be necessary to create a coordinated system for defining ballot-choice hashtags — since those are the key enables that allow advice to flow through the network.

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