You Want Truly FREE Elections?

You Want Truly FREE Elections?

For FREE elections — elections that are truly free of the corrupting influence of money — do this! It’s easy, free, and it will make a big difference.

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 You want to make a difference. You really do. So you make a contribution now and then, to a good cause. Oops. Now you’re on everyone’s mailing list. They all want you to send them money, and it’s always for a good cause. What do you do?

Up to this point, your only option has been to pick and choose the most worthy of the causes, and support the ones you can, to the extent you are able. But now you have another option!

The first thing you need to know is whether the candidate or organization who is asking for money really wants to change things. Some of them say that want to combat the money that is already controlling things — but to do it, they need your money. 

Ok. Let’s say they do need money to do it — today. The question is, do they really want to solve the problem? Or do they like having the problem, because it gets you to send them money?!

To this point, there has been no good way to tell. But now, there is pretty simple way to find out: Have they signed the Declaration of Support for a Voting Advice System? If they have, you know that they really want to see campaign contributions become irrelevant to elections, in time. (And if they haven’t told you they did, you can always check the List of Supporters to see if they are there.)

But here’s the really good news. When they come asking for money, you can direct them to this page:  To a Politician who Wants My Money. That page explains that if they want you to send them money, they should demonstrate their willingness to change the current system, by signing the declaration.

If they do, then they really do deserve your support! (If they haven’t yet, they might still deserve your money. It’s just harder to know.)

In the meantime, the more signatures we gain, the sooner we will be able gather the financial and technical support we need to build the system.

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