For Grassroots Politics, and Representives We Deserve

Politicians should focus on policy, not campaigns. A voting advice system can put an end to massive campaign contributions, and end the reign of lobbyists. It can do that by  enabling grassroots politics — and helping it go mainstream.

Poli-ticians should be focused on poli-cy. It’s in the job description. They should be working for us — not spending the majority of their time soliciting campaign contributions, thinking about how to satisfy their donors, and savaging their competition with attack ads. With a voting advice system in widespread use, huge campaign contributions will become a thing of the past. Then, at long last, we will have the politicians we deserve.

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In addition, America desperately needs close to a dozen political reforms. But the very first step is to break the stranglehold that Big-$$ donors and their lobbyists have on the political process. Once that goal is accomplished, other reforms will be possible — and will happen rapidly.

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The fact of the matter is that Big-$$ has hijacked the ballot box so, no matter who gets elected, it is Big-$$ who actually wins — to the ongoing and increasingly severe detriment of the average American.

A voting advice system that uses directed social media, with subscriptions and filtering, can change that situation.

Such a system would revolutionize the election process, making money irrelevant to elections. Once we take money out of the election equation, government can return to being the ameliorating force on corporate activity that it needs to be, for society to prosper.  If we WANT democracy in America, we MUST have a #VotingAdviceSystem. Click To Tweet

With such a system, people can choose advisors they trust.

The system allows centrist candidates to be elected — instead of our current two-party system, which has us, as a society, lurching from left to right, and back again.

The system appeals to voters because it’s convenient. It appeals to social activists and reformers because it levels the political playing the field and empowers them with a stronger political voice. And because it is spam-free, it can be used by organizations who have a large following to make highly-target recommendations in small races.

Plus, with a few tweaks, the system can become an even more general social advice system — one that is used by millions every week (for example, for movie and music recommendations), and which can be monetized to support the effort (for investment advice, for example).

It’s a system we need. It’s one we have needed for a very long time. So please read the Declaration of Support for the system and add your name!

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