Letter to Carli Stevenson

Written to Carli Stevenson, at Demand Progress.org, on the subject of ending the threat to Net Neutrality.

Hi, Carli. And thanks for what you’re doing.

Net Neutrality is possibly even more important than even you know!

At TreeLight.com I have written extensively about a social-media mechanism that will (in time) make massive campaign contributions virtually irrelevant.

That innovation is the only way to end the hegemony of the lobbyists. When it succeeds, it will put an end to maneuvers like this one. If it fails, well, the last best hope for America goes with it. 

Lacking Net Neutrality, it could fail.

I call it a “voting advice system”, although “voting advice application” may be more descriptive. (Such applications already exist in other countries, but we can do it bigger and better.)

I would very much like to talk to about how we can work together, and use the web to end the threat the web!

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