The Perfect Seat For Meditation.
Perfect for Kriya Yoga. Perfect for Hatha Yoga.


The “Instant Alignment” TreeLight Yoga Bench™ automatically aligns your spine, creating the ideal posture for meditation–or just comfortable sitting! It’s as easy to get up and down as a chair, while also letting you sit in advanced cross-legged positions. And it’s good for your back! Fold it up for storage or to carry it with you. Use it for meditation, for playing music, or as an office chair. Every member of the family can use it!

Take a break. Meditate!

5 Solutions

  • End Back Pain
  • Make Meditation Comfortable
  • Make Yoga Easier
  • Make Lotus Achievable
  • Rehab/Rehabilitation

1 Product

I sat comfortably and stably with the knowledge that I could easily change positions should recurrent pain from an old hip injury occur.  The portability of the bench is clever, too.
–Nancy McClenny

About the Bench

The bench was designed for meditation. While using it, a yoga practice developed around it—one that can help you develop the strength and flexibility you need to sit well for extended periods. (Believe it or not, particular kinds of strength are needed, along with specific kinds of flexibility.)

The design of the bench was inspired by a futon! With one bad knee and limited flexibility, meditation was difficult on the floor, so I began meditating on the edge of my futon. I found it particularly comfortable at one corner, where the mattress had pulled away from the edge, making a very comfortable slot for my foot.

That was the initial inspiration for a bench that can be used with either leg (or both, or neither!). The rest is soon to be history!

The fine-furniture version depicted above is at home in any decor, and can be complemented with a choice of cushion colors. The legs fold, too, for easy transportation and storage.

Using the Bench


  • Sit as though in a chair, sit in Lotus Pose, or anywhere in between.
  • But while you can sit as though on the floor, it’s a lot easier to get up and down.
  • Or sit with one foot up and one down—a position many find extraordinarily comfortable (something most people can’t do in a chair or on the floor).
  • And it’s easy to change positions.


  • Use the bench to make asanas easier. Add a Yoga block to get height at multiple levels.
  • When you need to take a break, sit comfortably and meditate.
  • Use the combination of asanas, exercises, and asana-performance techniques described in the Bench Yoga manual to accelerate your progress.

Grow to Lotus

  • Start wherever you are comfortable—as though in a chair, with one foot up, or in a cross-legged position.
  • Use the asanas and exercises in the Bench Yoga book to progress from one stage to the next.
  • Gradually progress in stages, until you reach the ultimate position for meditation—Lotus Pose.
  • No matter what stage you’re in, reside in comfortable position, conducive to meditation.

Get the Bench!

  • Buy the bench and other yoga/meditation accessories at
  • Or spend $1 at that site to get plans you can use to build one of your own (extracted from the Bench Yoga book)

On the Way…

  • The next step will be a crowdfunding campaign(s) to fund a low-cost stackable-plastic version of the bench suitable for use in yoga studios, meditation centers, corporate multi-use centers, YMCAs. and YWCAs, plus the funding needed to market the blazes out of it!

What Users Say…

From a golfing buddy who doesn’t meditate, do Yoga, or sit on the floor:

A moment after the video ended, I asked him to sit with one leg on the ground, and be aware of the position of his back. I had noticed that he was in the perfect “J” pose, when he did that — and after he put one foot down, he agreed. It was fascinating to find that even someone inexperienced found their back in the perfect upright position when sitting with one leg up — much better than sitting with both legs up, or both legs down.

Learn More

To find out about Bench Yoga workshops, to get announcements for new books and articles, and for updates on the Yoga Bench and accessory products:

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